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December 5, 2021

I felt it necessary to comment on as to why our bass player was asked to step down from his position.

In early 2015 we recruited Ham, who we knew as a competent enough bass player, to fill the role as a full member of the band, however accumulating shortcomings as well as recent events brought us to reconsider his position and his involvement with the band. We won’t go into details because we do not support gossip and do not wish to engage in it.

Since we are an active live band and wish to continue being one, we decided to bid him farewell, with no ill will, and to move along a different path, a path we have been always coherent with.

We see our band not only as a musical act, but also a unity in which such kind of energy simply does not combine with our frequency.

Moving forward, we will soon present our new bass player which will help us on the live duties.


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