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Rex Averno


1. The Cursed Cross

2. Herolde des Antichristen

3. Power's Legion 

4. The Chamber of Kefren Ra

5. Bacterium S6th6n6s

6. Salmus Noctem

7. Perverses und reines Paradies

8. The 7th visit

9. Lvxifer

10. Ruins in Karkemish

11. Rainy clouds of Rebel Angles

12. Adveniat Principis Inferno

13. Aquarian Parasites

Release date: 2005
Labels: Rawforce
Format: CD
Special edition: No




Frater D. – Drums & Vocals

Åskväder – Guitar

Damiére – Guitar

Valek  –  Bass

Recorded and mixed at Reid Audio Studios. 

Santiago, Chile. Mastered at 15Hz Studios.

Produced by Hetroertzen


Executive producer – Rawforce.

Music & Lyrics by Hetroertzen.

Artwork and layout by Marcela Corvalán.

Photography by Marco LLanos.

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