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VOICES FROM THE DARK SIDE WEBZINE - Flying Across the Misty Gardens

Nowadays it´s mostly the rather exotic countries that deliver quality when it comes o Brutal Death or raw Black Metal. And Chile is just one good example for that. While most European and American acts have started to sound wimpy, musically matured or simply uninspired, HETROERTZEN still sticks to the grim cold Black Metal that used to take the underground by storm a copule of years ago. Even though they use a rather weird band moniker. This unholy three piece recorded eight extremely convincing (and uncompromising acts like CARPATHIAN FOREST, DARKTHRONE, TAAKE, ISVIND old MAYHEM, old IMMORTAL, ARMAGEDDA and so on. Back in those days this certainly would´ve been promoted as “true Black Metal”, which I don´t have a problem with. This simply really cool stuff you definitely should check out, so feel free to contact the band for all further (ordering) info at this email adress: A very impressive debut!
Review by Frank Stöver



TORMENTED HATE WEBZINE -  Flying Across the Misty Gardens

Finally I'm writing this review, because I REALLY want to say something : this is one of the best Black Metal bands I've ever listened!!! Fucking cold and raw music...almost like the Norwegian scene of the 90's, but faster. I'm impressed with the quality of this album! This is something I can call grim, with an incredible evil atmosphere. Some parts remember Setherial, others Dark Throne. I never heard about Hetroertzen before Kæffel (d/v/b) got in touch, so I imagine that Chile should have other good bands too. As far as I know they already recording the upcoming album, which may be out in September. I can't wait for that! Check them out!
Review by Ulysses



BRUTALISM WEBZINE-  Flying Across the Misty Gardens

Hetroertzen delivers their debut with 8 tracks of dark, misty black metal. The album is recorded in 2002 but the songs are much older than that. Some go back to 1993. So the hatred has been kept inside for long time and now it is time to spew them out over the unknown. Hammering drums, forcing guitars and cold vocals are the ingredients for the blasphemies hymns. So if you have a cold and dark heart you can follow Kaeffel, Askväder and Moerk Handen on their crusade.
Review by Twan Sibon



METAL NIGHTMARE ZINE - Flying Across the Misty Gardens

As it said on the envelope the disc came in, this is cold, grim black metal. HETROERTZEN are a throwback to the old school of black metal, with a good raw sound and no damn keyboards. Really nothing new or original here, but it's so hard to come across a band like this these days (unless you live in Europe and have access to every freakin' CD released), that I have to give them praise. Barbaric black metal is a rarity for me these days, and I do everything I can to seek it out. This time, it came to me. (address and email link will go here)
Review by Tom Wren




AVERSIONLINE WEBZINE - Flying Across the Misty Gardens

Here's some rugged black metal from this Chilean trio. It may not be anything new, but it's really pretty good. For the most part their style sticks with the standards of the genre: High screaming vocals, lots of tremolo picked chord progressions, subtle melody, basic arrangements, etc. The lengths of the tracks cover a wide range, some less than four minutes, some running more than seven. Some of the longer tracks are too repetitive and can get boring, but the pieces that range between four to six minutes are usually varied enough to pull through, notably the plodding tempos and spacious drum breaks of "Garden of Mist". Honestly I've heard many, many bands that sound like this, but the writing is strong and Hetroertzen has a good sound working in their favor. The recording is well mixed and the sound is pretty balanced. The guitar tone is relatively thin, but the bass is actually audible, and the drums provide a good deal of low-end as well. So the coldness of the guitars and vocals is held down by some background density, keeping everything in check. It's also really clear, which isn't always the case with the rawer side of black metal. Of course clarity can have its price - here it's a few minor timing falters in the performance and some choppy guitar lines - but I'd say that in the case of Hetroertzen it's worth it. I don't really like the layout very much, mainly because the typefaces used are incredibly hard to read. Certain letters are completely unrecognizable, some letters look like others ("s" looks more like an "f", for example), and the end result is a pain to try and read through, lyrics and all (though the lyrics seem to focus on standard topics with frequent mentions of darkness and things of that ilk). The imagery could use some spicing up as well, as the photos are blurry and generic (forests, etc.). Though of course the all black and white presentation is right in line with the genre. Fans of primal black metal should enjoy this. I certainly do. If the band were to press for more originality or perfect their performance just a bit by making sure everything was tight and clean they'd really be interesting. Keep an eye out. Running time - 43:14,

Tracks: 8 [Notable tracks: Black Clouds Will Come, Garden of Mist] Hetroertzen -
Review by Andrew


DIABOLOUS WEBZINE- Flying Across the Misty Gardens
This album did surprise me. I'll say it quick. If you want to listen to some PURE Black Metal stuff directly from Puerto Montt/Chile, this is the release you're looking for. "Flying Across the Misty Gardens" gives us eight tracks of mighty dark black metal. With this production these southeners make a point. No shitty keyboard work. We can hear clear influences of the first records of such greats like Darkthrone, Satyricon, Immortal, Mayhem. Even within the fifth song "Garden of Mist" came to me a flash back of Sarcofago's work. But don't you dare to think Hetroertzen is just a copy of elder bands of the kind. Even though there are some similarities, it is sure as hell they've got a style of their own. A huge work there put on the drums by Kaffel (the lider I suppose).
If you thought there ain't no salvation in Chile from the likes of Cradle of Shit and Pimu Korgir then You were wrong - there's a new demon born and its name - Hetroertzen.
Review by Blasfemo




METAL RULES! ZINE - Flying Across the Misty Gardens
I have no idea what the name of the band means. I guess it means heterosexual Black Metal. That would be opposed to DEATH ANGUS, which is homosexual Black Metal (That’s fucked up Jeff. I wouldn’t anger a guy named Angus. -Jeremy). Just a guess. Don’t hold me to it. Anyway, this is pretty mind-numbingly average cult Black Metal. Lots of blast beats and fuzz and little else. Not bad but very dry. These guys are all serious, everything on the CD is B&W and they have corpse paint and swords and shit. I had to go online and do a Google search just to figure out what the name of this demo was because it was one of those fucked up, crazy-ass fonts. On the CD it’s the same tone except for this one part where there is a drum solo for no apparent reason. It was like the kind of drum solo you hear at a BOSTON or PETER FRAMPTON show or something. It just makes no friggin’ sense and is totally out of place. That’s about the only thing that made this stand out from other mundane music of this genre.

Review by Jeremy




BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS - Flying Across the Misty Gardens
This is the debut CD release from this 3 piece Black Metal group! Their music is very cold, grim & dark Black Metal. They do have a very cool old school Black Metal sound through out the disc. There are lots of very fast battle or war like feels within the music. I liked how they go from a more rhythmic Black Metal sound right into a more ballistic chaos & then back again. The vocals are done in a harsh hallow Black Metal growl & scream! This is a very impressive debut release! I'd like to hear more from this band in the future!!! -




EXTREME CHILEAN METAL WEBZINE -Flying Across the Misty Gardens
First of all I will not compare this band to anybody cause their is a million Black Metal bands out there at the moment, but one thing is certain, Hetroertzen play their style in a way most bands would like to sound like, this is a very good cd that takes you on a trip as soon as you hear it, I was amazed on how good the production on here is. From the opening track you can tell this band is not a joke they know what Black Metal is all about, cold and grim music with feeling. If your into all out fast blast that never stop then this isn't for you but if your into good old fashioned, then this is where it's at. Recorded in 2002 there are 8 tracks on here with just one that is kinda slow but the rest are all out heavy. I hear that a new one is already done and should be released very soon I just hope they keep their same style as on this one.

10/10 Points




RAW NERVE PROMOTIONS-  A Crimson Terrible Vision

Having a quick scan through the booklet accompanying the CD, this looks promising. Very good lyrics and moody looking art.

‘Engel der Pest' starts with small wisps of sound, voice and rhythm. An evil, dramatic feel before dominates before kicking in with an old school melodic death feel, a little like early Opeth mixed with old Dissection, and indeed when the vocals are introduced, the recently reformed Swedish death black metallers are a major pointer for the sound and style of Hetroertzen.

A big intro to ‘Secrets from willow' sets the scene well, simply but effectively based around two main chords, and when the main section comes in, I am reminded of Ancient, Abigor, early Setherial, for the truly cold sounding production and nice chord progressions.

Aside from a few issues with precision and tightness which hinders occasionally, this is a very good black metal release. Demonic vocals snarl and rasp, the sound and feel of the guitars matches the early Swedish and Norwegian styles well, and apart from occasional rolls and fills, the drums are pretty solid with some good intricacies.

‘Darkening' is a stand out with its repeating melodies designed to get stuck in the head. In fact ‘A Crimson terrible vision' follows a similar great theme.

I would be interested to see how this 2 piece outfit progress

Review by Paul Raw Nerve




BRUTALLICA MAGAZINE- A Crimson Terrible Vision

Cold, grim Black Metal" - that sounds like "Sirtaki from Alaska" in HETROERTZEN's case. Not that I cavil of course, but I for a while found  funny a band from Chile to label themselves this way. Otherwise, "A Crimson Terrible Vision" (album #2 in HETROERTZEN's discography thus far) is truly Black Metal-oriented and more recent fans would certainly love it. The 9 songs are performed with a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication, and one could feel that these two guys have seriously gone for finding their own niche in the Black Metal Scene. Good luck to them  then, for they sound like they have been practicing a lot, and sound  way better than many other bands hailing from countries supposed to be more compatible with that cold-and-grim Black Metal thing.
7 / 10 Points by Vanya Marinova.






Third effort from this southernmost Chilean Black Metal horde, and like their previous works, this one gets your blood frozen just after a couple of seconds as soon as the first riffs of the opening track 'The Cursed Cross' starts. Crowned by the hellish screams of drummer/vocalist Kaeffel (founder member and former BEWITCHED drummer), but how can I give you a clearer description about this new opus? Well, for those of you who are familiar with the band's sound, it's a progression from their last album, "A Crimson Terrible Vision" (Trollberg / Rawforce 2003) mixed with some touches of their highly acclaimed debut "Flying Across Misty Gardens" (Trollberg 2002). Razorblade guitars, high speed necro pounding and truly under the skin screaming, but there's also some new elements added to their classic sound. Some Death Metal touches à la MORBID ANGEL, but don't worry, they are not taking the path of current BEHEMOTH (by the way I dislike their "new" sound, I prefer their old Black Metal days). The Death Metal elements are added to the musical structure of their Black Metal style, resulting in a more powerful and solid sound. Also the band has experimented with some speed changes this time. We can find some slow tracks like 'The 7th Visit', a really suffocating near death experience. The production was done by Claudio Salinas (formerly of DOMINUS XUL, current TRIMEGISTO) in his own studio, giving a more professional touch to this highly recommended opus. I hope to see this work being spreaded around soon, because to be honest, this album is one of the best Black Metal ones unleashed from South America in the last years. 
Review by Rodrigo Jiménez




RAW NERVE - Rex Averno
This is the second album I've received from Chilean band Hetroertzen. I was looking forward to this after enjoying their previous album, 'A Crimson Terrible Vision', and after a good bit of dark minimal ambience, the main part of 'The Cursed Cross' is a rather harsh sounding affair. Vicious vocal rasps, cold riffing and some good ideas. Some of the playing lacks in strength a little and parts sound messy at times, but it does seem that the band are after a very raw sound which is achieved.
'Herolde des Antichristen' is a quality song and is virtually relentless in the blasting. I just wish that a better production was made possible for the band to give it less of an unmixed feel. As the album progresses, things tighten up and so only the production lets it down for me.

Comparisons can be drawn to the more primitive earlier bands of the faster black metal world, Havohej, very early Immortal, Marduk and 'Bacterium S6th6n6s' is a stand out track of the earlier songs, with some seeringly fast drumming, fully demonic voices and the best riffs on the album. Shockingly though, 'Salmus noctem' speeds things up and from 'The 7th visit' onwards the album improves a great deal once more as the closing half is a step up in class.

Some promising hyper speed black metal here from Hetroertzen that gets better the more you listen to it.

Review by Paul Raw Nerve




Imagine dreamful landscapes, surrounded by ancient oak forests and crowned by snowy mountains. Behind them, wooden towns with blond kids speaking in German. Well, it is not someplace below the Alps what I’m talking about, but the “region of The Lakes” in southern Chile, and a German enclave in South America since an important immigration that took place in the late XIX century. In the heart of these lands lay Puerto Varas, hometown of the main Chilean Black Metal band: HETROERTZEN.

“Rex Averno” is their third full-length, and the debut of HETROERTZEN as a quartet. Just like in their two previous albums, the band plays raw yet atmospheric Black Metal, although developing a much more obscurantist image. The poetic, but rather innocent lyrical themes are left behind and with “Rex Averno” more Satanist concepts are adopted. Like always, lyrics are written between English and German.

Musically, this is a hell of an album. A raw, distorted and chaotic sound exhales a dirty, rotten atmosphere. Kaeffel’s growling is very electric and disturbing, and Askväder, the woman guitarist of the band, delivers some simple but pretty terrifying riffs in the vein of old IMMORTAL. The rhythm is by times fast, but also some doomer parts are included to enrich the ambience.  Give it a chance, “Rex Averno” is totally recommended for those who pledge allegiance to the old-school!

8,5/10 Points by Daniel



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