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Interview with Tehom Webzine.

Answered by Deacon D.

As half of the band is from Chile, is there a reason for the relocation to Sweden in the spiritual matter? As for example the O.D.A.A. has its base there, it seems quite easy the follow the nightside path there without "social problems" these days.

The relocation to Sweden did not affect our “spirituality” for good or bad, neither had something to do with social problems there. Not at all.

The reasons we chose to move here were different and mostly focused upon music, business and other topics of interest for us as a band and label.



In the booklet of your latest album, you salute your "brothers and sisters of the I.O.S.". Without digging too deep, could you tell the readers of any benefits for a spiritual individual that come along with being part of a society like this? This might be interesting, because it can be read everywhere that one has to take his spiritual path on his own.

If we salute our peers, it is just a personal thing. It means a lot for us and that’s it. We never try to reach upon others to try to convince them about our visions or thoughts, but of course, there are interested people who contact us and we are gladly willing to share our knowledge or way of thinking with those who do not exactly comprehend what or why we do the things they see from us.



Your album "Ain Soph Aur" is obviously dealing with the 3 veils of negative existence. At least three tracks are dealing with this subject. Do you see "Dealing With The Veil", "The Lifting Of The Veil" and "Piercing The Veil" as separate pieces or are they forming a unity together? In other words: is this an order of actions one has to do to look behind one veil or is every piece about a single veil in particular?

We are referring to a single Veil and That Veil symbolises the dark empty oceans far beyond the matter. To deal with it is to stand apart the boundaries and stop following the world as it is now. It is negation of the programmed demiurgic madness. The Lifting is the rising of the inner light reaching the nexus between the self and the outside consciousness. Preparing for the journey. The “third process” needs no description.



As Tehom readers are enjoying visual art too, could you tell us something about what can be seen in the artwork of "Ain Soph Aur" and what it refers to?

What we write, play and draw is all a reflection of our given knowledge. I could not describe every single piece because it is not necessary. But it is strongly related with the already attached texts, and with our music it completes a psychological bridge. I see it like a boat on dark waters carrying the listener to the core of our concept before AIN SOPH AUR.



What I have recognized when reading your lyrics is that you don't lose yourself in dropping names of symbols, demons, gods etc. as much as others, which makes it quite a brisk and interesting read in my opinion. Could you tell us more about your intentions behind this?

We are not praising demons of any kind, nor draining our precious energy with lots of esoteric symbols as this might be dangerous for the individual in long terms (If it really works I mean).

Our interests and purposes here are much more purist. We have been deep inside that demonic trap before, just to realise there is much of our concern to discover if we just look up to the sky… Trespassing the laws of “the God”.




As more and more black metal bands seem to deal with esoteric topics, do you think this has a big effect on what could be described as musical genre? I recently read a review where Nightbringer were labeled "Orthodox Black Metal", which in my opinion is a total mistake. I think esotericism opened a lot of new doors in the genre and the abovementioned bands are delivering the most refreshing sounds I heard for years.

We don´t know really, but we think that the ways of the Black Metal branch is taking different and extreme places nowadays. People are smart and probably they can see and difference the serious, the uncreative and the clowns. The first and the last groups are getting stronger in their ways to work and develop. The ones in the middle will try something through copying and stealing others ideas. A few of them will success a little bit or for a little while. Most of them will remain stagnated.

Trying to incorporate new names as “spiritual”, “esoteric” or “occult” (Metal), is just fine as long as it feels good for the bands. If we say we are just playing a darker heavy metal or rock`n roll, it is fine too, let us do it and enjoy it.

At the end, it is a name everyone worries about. Way too much. Should focus upon more important stuff.



Correct me if I'm wrong, but the early works of Hetroertzen don't seem too much spiritual in comparison to later ones. Is keeping the name on for over a decade part of showing your progression? Has opening a new chapter by changing the band's name ever been an option?

Before “Exaltation of Wisdom” we really planned to change the name and start from the beginning with this concept. We didn’t.

The first three albums were of course a process of slow development and experience gaining. Then it came our entrance to the Order and it seems that all started from there. Like seeing the same things but in different ways.

Everything just changed. To see backwards and think about it, can be described like someone remembering its childhood, that simple. We have nothing to be ashamed about. The winds will continue blowing.



What do you think, could seeing more and more artists delving into the occult be taken as evidence that we live in Kali Yuga?





Progressing from "Exaltation Of Wisdom" to "Ain Soph Aur" you went on for more clean vocals. Do you think this is a better way to express certain feelings and create different atmospheres or was this a decision to get along and not to repeat yourself artistically?

It is a combination of both points (good points by the way). But perhaps it was our necessity to increase and at the same time, experiment. Trying to take this concept further, never worrying about the comments or the criticism and stuff like that.

The singing style was more to lift up the dynamics of our music and preserve as much mysticism as we could. And I personally got tired of singing as everyone else. Sorry about that. We will continue taking this Art to higher levels and do all we can to get better in all senses. Knowing that many will be pleased and many others, disappointed.




Let's come to live shows. As a Hetroertzen gig is quite a visual experience, how much do you think hits the audience and makes it think/concentrate/take something home? I think live shows like yours can be a very cathartic experience but as the words sung can be barely heard at black metal concerts, most people never get the message.

No, and we know this. But we are there for the ones who have eyes to see and ears to hear. And l don´t necessarily means lyric reciting. Sometimes the energies stablished between us and the audience work fine for our purposes.



 Thanks for your time, the last words are yours. Please share something with the readers if you will.

Well, thanks, to you for the interview and the readers for taking their time.

In a world of blindness, it seems there´s no difference between false and true light, but when the time is upon us, you will stand and see…


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