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Year 2013: Hetroertzen - Interview with Womb zine

Answered by Deacon D.


What were the first principles behind the started Work, when you decided to form Hertoertzen? Are these principles still the same or have they gone through a drastical change?

Whatever it was, it is not the same any longer, I think we went through a big change in the last few years. In the beginning it was more focused upon the musical form of expressionism.

Since we were "resurrected" after a time of silence, we became more transparent with ourselves and decided to touch more our mystical matters. As long as one search for his/her true nature and gain maturity, it is a good thing and this can be achieved and perceived in all forms of art.




These type of questions are potentially very personal in nature: the practise of magic and one's studies concerning the matter of occultism. Even as it is, we're truly interested of hearing have you discovered any subjective 'truths' while starting to get more in touch with your true nature?

Indeed, and this is not all the time a good thing, sometimes the truth is blinding and painful, but the act of realization is a good thing because one can develop a higher state in all senses. To realize is symbolic of the inner light or sparkle which fight with the corporeal "reality".

To find oneself is one of the most valuable treasures, but unfortunately very few are really interested in the left side of the being.




Originally Hertoertzen was located in Chile, but due to the change of circumstances, you were obliged to move Sweden. There are, of course, always ups and downs in these kind of things, but did it do any good to Hertoertzen after all? Have you consciously integrated some influences from the Chilean cultural or even religious heritage to your Work?

To have changed place upon the earth, influences us positively. it is the way we always wanted, to find our energetic centre here in the beautiful Scandinavia. In the very beginning it was hard to concrete our new life in Sweden, but with the time it has started to go very well and we are quite comfortable. It was a free will choice we made.

Our musical style and inspiration has nothing to do with our old past life and the chilean influence does not have a single effect upon us. Not mention the religious thing...




Obviously, Hertoertzen as a strict follower of the Left Hand Path can easily appreciate the work with goetic magic - but can you held any appreciation towards the theurgic form of magic, which underlines that one should not bend the boundaries of Nature violently but with great respect and humility?

As many say; the power of high magic comes from our inner self meaning ego and arrogance like the ancient wizards used to be. In the demoniac Goethic magic it is possible to control forces with the power of the ego, meaning, to feel safe and confidential, not trusting anyone but oneself.

Unfortunately demonic powers go far beyond our limits and our ego and arrogance will not save us from their caprices.

The dark ways must be followed in silence, without showing, without talking. Since I am not familiar with the theurgic tradition, I cannot say so much about this matter, but one can see the relation between respect and high control within the forces of nature, with dignity.




You mentioned 'arrogance' to be one of the most important factors for the follower of the Left Hand Path. I think this particular word is fascinating in this context, as it is also very easily understood by those who aren't familiar with the tradition. Could you emphazise the use of the word a little bit? Obviously it  doesn't refer to any of our mundane qualities of how this word is usually understood.

Arrogance is a term which is both good and bad, it can be considered a good thing when it comes to defend our principles in a harder way when the reason itself is good or while being self confidential in the use of magical practices.

In the other side it is of course a bad thing because it comes directly from the ego, the material ego which at the same time creates fear, shame and regret. Pride and arrogance, act sometimes like a coat to protect one´s own fails and mistakes.




A quote from the Bible: "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the middle of wolves: be you therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16) - This somehow reminds me from a design of one of your t-shirts where there's two serpents entwined as One. Do you have any thoughts about the polarities, which these two serpents symbolize?

I see these forces to be as complementary rather than opposite ones.

The design l made for the t shirt was more related with the three of life meaning both pillars on which knowledge was saved (from fire or water) to be brought to men. As everyone knows, knowledge in the ancient traditions was showed as the serpentine who transmitted the sparkle to human kind, which is also true spirit. When Jesus said to be wise as snakes and gentle as lambs, he means "hear, see and be silent!".


"God is ultimately unknowable... Jesus has two sides...the LAMB that is innocent and the snake that is wisdom. these two are opposites but the same and save us. We refer to the snake as LUCIFER. Therefore it s possible to say that Lucifer is the twin brother of Jesus but also possible to say they are two parts of the same being. Jesus (that is innocence) must be sacrificed on the cross so that we can develop wisdom and through this complete brotherly love of one another."

(William Sheraton)



Your live performances have really the presence of a religious-like devotion, when one looks the aesthetics of Hertoertzen: it is more well-thought than your ordinary black metal -performance with all the sophisticated masks, costumes, ritual daggers etc. Have you experienced practically that these 'efforts' also aesthetically are necessary in order to devote oneself at the altar for the greater forces beyond materialized "reality"?

The ceremonial way to show our musical expressionism is mostly focused for the ones who understand the symbolic elements that are enclosed in our art, which is not easy to fully understand without some sort of experience in the mystical path. All the elements used in our ritual performances are an angle of a complicated pyramid which is lifted to energetic purposes. This can be seen in many different ways depending of the purpose itself.



You also have a musical side-project called Die Kunst der Finsternis in which you are a sole member behing the project. The musical form is, of course, a bit different compared to Hertoertzen's – but the question is if there's any real different aspects taken, when we speak of concepts behind these bands?

The difference is not so huge after all. Musically is a little more raw and old school inspired metal of death and the lyric theme is basically taken from different vampiric views in a particular form, I mean symbolically. The project I´m afraid, does not continue any longer due to the lack of time and need to do it to be honest.



Feel free to conclude this interview by entering your last to our readers. On our behalf: thank you!

Thanks to you for your interest, it is really appreciated. And… be free!

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