Frequently asked questions

We decided to create this particular section with the sole purpose to collect the most frequently asked questions  we have gotten during the years.


 Q: What does Hetroertzen mean?

A: The word Hetroertzen was created by Deacon D. in the year 1997, and represents the netherworld and the creatures that lives there. The name was inspired by some old sci fi novels. Even though we thought about changing the name before the release of Exaltation of Wisdom,  we decide to keep it since it is part of our history.



Q: Do you consider yourselves a chilean or a swedish band?

A: We have never wanted to be afflicted or tied to with any scene, so therefore, it is of no importance to us what people wish to consider us. In reality we are both a Swedish and a Chilean band, since half of our member are chilean born, and half are swedish born. We are, though, all living in Sweden.



Q: Do you plan to release your old albums someday? 

A:  No. We consider our older albums as mere demos and never fully complete music-wise. However, we have something in the works that fans of these old recordings might appreciate...



Q: Would you consider playing in South America or Asia?

A: We never turn down  invitations to perform live if there's a serious enough offer.