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Blessed are those Spirits from the Air

Who came unto Me to Posses my Mind…

So that I could write these Lines.

Black is the Lodge (Logia) which undress “The Magdalene“ (Sophia)

Highly pure is the most precious Blood that we drink from.

Ghastly are the Wings that appear from the Shadows of the Night

Ghostly are the Hands which seek the Wise

Because there is no Innocence

In the Holy Kingdom of Unknowable Light,

There is no Law ruling the Earth

And no Sin that does not claim Redemption.

Children being Sacrificed to the Ancient Gods…

Brothers and Sisters having Sex in the Sight of the Father

Both Male and Female united in Blood Ecstasies

Under the Purple Candlelight

“The Trial By Fire“

When the Grail of Three awaits to be filled in Cold Gloom

As in the Oldest Times

And the Christ be the Serpent of the Beginning

And the Angel of Light breathes the Dust of Men

At the End of the World,

You Shall See…

And Behold thy Horror!

Witness Thy Beauty after it burns your eyes.

There is no Good and Evil,

But the Quest for Light that will set us Free!

Darkness shall finally overcome the Sun and Peace finally be unto you…

Fools those who pretend to be Mighty by accepting the Law of Men.

Fools those who follow God and no Other.

Fools those who search in the Light of Violence

And feed themselves with Fear and Superstition.

Fools those who Keep the Faith in Dead Idols

Or trust the Path of “Salvation“.

Oh Yes! Fools all those who have Faith without Wisdom.

And Fools all those who follow the Lamb of God!

When They Could Be Wise…

Like The Serpent!!!





Dragons shall breathe Fire upon Humanity

When the Tree of Life comes unto this World

The Sun shall be Blackened by the Moon as it never been done before

Take us Oh Lord!            

 …We do not need this anymore!

We seek the Cosmic Belt and the Last Ray taking Our Flesh

Listen to the Voice of Chaos

Follow the Call of Nothingness

Close your eyes and witness the pure Fright without fear

Feel the Cold of Darkness

Take away your Soul… Spit upon the Face of “God“.

Thy Will Be Done.

Prayers of Plague emerging from the Grey Smoke

Chanting True Blasphemous Choirs.

Three white dressed girls walking in Cataleptic Trance

Old bones burning slowly inside the Trapezoidal Coffin.

Witness the Zenith of Dome like the Dead lying down

Kiss of Innocence… Embrace the Never ending Madness

Blood dripping into the Mouth of the Impure

Dressed in Scarlet… Feed the Horror & Sadness

Raise the hands and Appoint the Stars

Behold the Chalice filled from the Snake’s Tongue

Here is the Poison Of Ecstasy for the Chosen Ones

Don’t resist the True Call from Heaven

Sing the Sacred Unholy Songs.

Black Smoke is emerging Now

And the Prayers of Plague Arise!






“Trembling into the Infinite Dark Abyss

I took inspiration from You - Star Shadow“


The Red Flame is in my Chest.


I saw a Mother emerging from the Blackest Sea

Fishlike belly and the most precious face

White empty eyes as a Cave of Ice…

Black hair like a Million of Worms

And whispering as deep as a Thousand Nights.

U – an

I saw a Huge White Worm

Crawling from the Hole Profound

Long arms appointing the Sky

Horrid blood red eyes

A pale face without form and Silver jewellery

His voice was a Pestilent wind full of Sadness.

A – nu

I saw a girl like a bird falling from the Sky

With burning wings naked like a Full Moon Winter

A crowned serpent from each breast

Radiating eyes and mouth

Her voice was a Terrifying Scream

Causing Death and Extinction.


I saw a boy playing a Glass Trumpet

He came from the Fire Mud

Black smoking eyes and mouth

Red body and a Flame on his head

He is the Spirit and his voice was bright and Strong

As an Explosion of a Blue Sun.



The Purple Flame is in my Forehead.





Incense of Cracked Human Bones and a Glass of Human Blood

Visions of the Cranial Cave and a Lightning into Emptiness

Voe Bor Ekna Ashtar…

 Speak Thy Name… Enma Al!

Hypnotised by the Blue Flame

Blinded by a Shadow from the Purple Stone

It is time to Renounce yourself

If Enlightened you wish to be

As those who seek entry here.

Boil your mind in Coldness inside the Tunnel

See yourself flying over the Fog.

Use your eye (The Eye) and see “Him“ watching you.

Sleep and hear “His“ voice after a Restless Nightmare

Feel His hand touching your head…

-Follow the Words of the Serpent Priests-

-Crawl on your belly as the Ancient Ones-

Is not this the Real Magick?

The true sense of the Symbolism and Allegory

Here is the Royal Art and the Mystery of All Mysteries.

The Throne awaits until the Final Triumph is Complete!

“May the Spirit of this skull (The Skull of the World)

Raise against you if you betray the Path of the Only Salvation“

Now Dress the Scarlet Diamond…


Don’t see Below

Don’t follow the Illusion

Sign your Pact without return

And you will see “Them“ while travelling

Beyond the Stars.




Millions of Souls waiting at the Giant Gate of Light

In this Temple of Sorrow

No Star and Moon shines anymore

Just the Rays of the Afterlife blinding Us.

Like the Most Terrifying Beast,

The Angel of Perdition opens his mouth

In this Solemn Moment when We all in Spirit

Will receive the Sacred Eternal Flame.

An Oracle between this World and the Other…

Now when the Veil falls we see the Truth

And Destroy Our Enemy!

The Only Hell was ever here!

Peace is the Absolute Darkness

Which came before this Light

But the True Light lies far beyond the Dying Sun

There is no Form, no Matter, no Time, no Pain, no Death.

The Endless Hole of Nothingness

Devours all False Light shinning in Space.

Darkness is patient and will finally embrace the Whole Creation.

The Mouth of “Evil“ swallows all Human Souls

Smashing all your Gods and taking away the sense of your Life

But the Unknown Sparkle Cannot Die!


And when your Fall is approaching

They shall Cast you Down…

If you are not able to follow the Left Hand Path.

Knowledge is the Key… Wisdom is the Gateway…

IA   LVX!                       IA   KHAOS!

Release your Spirit and join Us.





Holy, Holy, Holy is the Line of Cain!

Sacred is the Legacy of the Serpent.

Lift up your arms if you are Worthy to witness the Fallen Cross

Break your senses while the Black Angels

Guide you into the Path of Suffering

There is nothing but Pain… It is just the Beginning.

The Angel of Death Commands you to Suffer…

He is The Lord your God.


When the Cross is raised, all Brethren shall Obey Thy Wishes

And all the Chosen Ones might Perish before Daring to see Thy Face

Because there is no Heaven without Hell…

No Magick without Pain

And no Light without Darkness to Shine into it,

There is no Beginning without End

And no Ending without a Beginning.


Now when the Cross has fallen

There is nothing but Eternal Peace… So it shall be at the End.

As the Light of Agitation has been Eclipsed by the Absolute Emptiness.

There is no Life without Death and no Death without Eternity.

And as I was on the Cross and saw the Light

In The Illustrious Ordo Scio…

There is no need of eyes in the Total Absence

And nor a body to Fly Towards the Unknown…


All Hail Lucifer!


Only He is The Way…

“And the Light Shineth in Darkness

And the Darkness Comprehended not“

“Maher Shalal Hash Baz“

Sacred is the Legacy of the Serpent

Holy is the Line of Cain.



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