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Exaltation of Wisdom


1. Incinerating Illumination

2. Like the Serpent   LYRIC

3. Perpetual Eclipse Stigmata   LYRIC

4. The Final Breath of Mankind   LYRIC

5. Mystery of the Fallen   LYRIC

6. Light Beyond the Obscure   LYRIC

7. The White Priestcraft   LYRIC

Release date: June 16, 2010.
Labels: Lamech Records.
Format: CD & LP
Special edition: Yes


Additional information:

After 4 years since its official release on LP and Digipak CD, Hetroertzen’s highly acclaimed full length is now available on jewelcase CD.

Comes with a 24 page booklet with lyrics and artwork made by the band. 


Frater D. – Drums & Vocals

Åskväder – Guitar & Bass

All songs composed by Hetroertzen.  Spells by Frater D. 

Drums recorded at TotenKlange Studios, Sweden, Year 2009.  Engineered by F. M. 

Guitars, Bass & Vocals recorded at Hyperborea Studios,

Sweden, Year 2009. Backing vocals, intro & band pictures by Orm.  Artwork Design & Sigils by Frater D. & Åskväder. 


Remixed & Remastered by Frater D..

Layout design by Åskväder. 

Produced by Hetroertzen.

Executive producer Lamech Records. 

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