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Flying across the misty gardens

Release dates: April 14, 2002. (cd) / april 2004 (lp)
Label: Trollberg Musik (cd), Northern silence (lp)
Format: CD / LP
Special edition: No 


Frater D. – Drums, Bass & Vocals

Åskväder – Guitar

M.H. – Guitar

Recorded and Mixed at Reid Audio Studios,

February 2002. Santiago, Chile.

Engineered by Manuel Aguirre & Rodrigo Standen.

Intro and mastering by Stardust.

Executive producer – Trollberg Musik.

Music & Lyrics by Hetroertzen.

Artwork and Layout by Marcela Corvalán.


1. Ancient Lytaniae

2. Black clouds will come

3. Domine Exaudinos

4. Funeral

5. Garden of Mist

6. In the last night...Storm

7. Nocturnal

8. Under the moonfog

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