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By Hetroertzen



Our spirit will save us

As this light endures us to continue until the end.

This world is our cross but the serpent is our Krist.




Let there be darkness once again for the impostor

whose name is nothing but abomination.

To the black virgin whose face is purity, her body is our temple.


To the birth of the shinning star that breaks a nation in sorrow.

To the fallen from grace and splendor, whose presence keeps us united.

Haunting… Waiting.




Holy consciousness that will be carried out into perfection.

Enigmas revealed to the crucified souls and crying spirits.

The ordeal… The skull… The kiss…


Behind the veil, there is light.

Behind the veil, there is truth.

Behind the veil there is salvation.

There is salvation.





By Hetroertzen


Man, raise your head and build me a tower towards the heaven.

We do not fall into the mud and cry.

We should never accept the pain of living.

We who have the grail inside us will make a feast in the golden city

for those who search in the shadows…


Scream and silence for the symbol of death.

Salt and water for illumination.

Wine and fire for resurrection.


We will step upon the cross

We will squeeze the worms

We will suck their veins until they face the light.


For those who have fallen in love

with the one who stands behind us.

Here is the cup

Here is the whore

Here is the beast


We will curse the life of the unworthy

We will take out their hearts and burn their tongues

We will ascend to the furthest realms beyond death

And we will, yes we will turn into serpents.








By Dødsengel


Ah, to gaze upon the starry blackness beyond the heavens

to see into the vastness, and comprehend.

To see the outmost and the inmost,

and find nothing, no-thing!


No center to hold on to,

No grandiose scheme in which to fit.

Anatta. Dispersion. Nihil!

Yet a certain kind of no-thing,

a holy abscence.

A fruitful emptiness, the mother of boundlessness.

Not aimless, without direction.

Mother of Matter, Nihil, writes the grand fates in death's quill,

in extinction and the return to her vast nothingness.

Species, ideas, individuals, empires, suns!

Ex nihilo omnia fiunt!

Ad nihil volvitur!


Yea, by Nihil and Saturn is the chaos sharpened into a point,

Yea, by the point and momentum is destiny manifest.

And thus are the world and all realities

purified by nothing

deified by abscence

made to be by the return

consecrated by the hands of Nihil!

Yea, before the dawn of genesis was the spear cast by Her hand.






By Dødsengel


I gazed into Her wondrous nothingness, as it gazed into me!

As in the outer, so in the inner.

I saw the corroding poison

and my eyes drank deep.


Thrice blessed be the venom of Her chalice!

Thrice razed be the towering inner structures

for though they grant stability,

by nature they are marked as limitatons.

Deny them!

Deny them!

Deny them!


The waters! The waters! The waters are upon us!

The gates! The gates! Are ripped from their foundations!

A torrent! A torrent! Of nothingness flows and strangles!

Unformed, raging, torrent of dissolution!

Ahh, a world shatters.

The tree is ripped into broken shells.

And something new stirs in the womb of the Abyss.


Unborn One! Consecrated One! Annointed One!

The fiery Child is conceived!

And the sword of truth shattered the rule of sedate comfort.

Yea, under the gaze of Nihil

did I behold the Consecration of Man.







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