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Capax Infiniti



1. Hetroertzen - Ardetha   LYRICS

2. Hetroertzen - Blood for the Egregore   LYRICS

3. Dødsengel - By the Hands of Nihil   LYRICS

4. Dødsengel - The Consecration of Man   LYRICS

Release date: February 6, 2014.

Labels: Lamech Records, Barghest & Canonical Hours.
Format: CD & LP
Special edition: No


Additional information:

Split album between Hetroertzen and Dødsengel. First released on a deluxe 12"vinyl including insert with lyrics, between Lamech Records and Barghest.  Later released on a deluxe Digipack version between Lamech Records and Canonical Hours.



Artwork by 109 Art. Layout design by Barghest. Mastered by Kark.


Frater D. – Drums, Vocals & Bass

Åskväder – Guitar

Anubis - Guitar


Ardetha & Blood for the Egregore were recorded at Lamech Sound Design (former Hyperborea Studios), May 2012.  Intro by Frater D.  Outro by Barghest & Frater D. Produced by Frater D.



Malach Adonai  - Drums

Kark - Vocals, Guitars, Bass


Music & Lyrics by Dødsengel.

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