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A Crimson Terrible Vision


1. Engel der Pest

2. Secrets from Willow

3. Little Witch

4. Awake in the middle of a nightmare

5. Filis Daemonium

6. Insidiis Diaboli

7. Darkening

8. In Regnum Maledictus Tuum

9. A Crimson Terrible Vision

Release date: December 24, 2003.

Labels: Rawforce
Format: CD
Special edition: No


Frater D. – Drums, Bass & Vocals

Åskväder – Guitars

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Reid Audio Studios,

July 2003. Santiago, Chile. Engineered by Claudio Salinas.

Produced by Hetroertzen.

Executive producer – Trollberg Musik & Rawforce.

Music & Lyrics by Hetroertzen.

Artwork and Layout by Marcela Corvalán.

Cover Art by Fenriswulff.

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